Wednesday, March 08, 2017

My treehouse is 13 years old

My current treehouse was built March 2004 or 13 years ago. It undergoes repairs from time to time because the live mahogany tree where it is perched is growing bigger and taller. Back view of the house.

Photos taken last weekend, March 04.


Photos of the treehouse below were taken some 2-5 months ago. View from the creek....

View from the other side.

Original treehouse, very basic, was built in September 2002. I liked the experience of sleeping in the treehouse, I dismantled the old, smaller house and built the bigger, 2-storey house. With our caretakers and extra workers. Famous artist Clifford Espinosa helped me design the house, though not all specifications were followed due to limited funds.

Rice field in front of the treehouse.

The rice field seen from the 2nd floor of the house.


The scenes change depending on the season of the year -- planting, growing, harvesting, on fallow, etc.

The trees to the left and right sides of the treehouse. Photos taken last weekend, March 04.


Further at the back of the treehouse. Lots of small and medium-size mahogany trees.

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Our dogs in the farm, part 2

Among my "perks" in visiting the farm in Bugallon, Pangasinan is to see my dogs. Below from left: Shiver, Scaredy and Cold. Shiver and Cold were sisters, my 2 girls gave those names to them when they were still in Makati when they were still puppies. Cold went back to the farm first, Shiver stayed because the girls asked to have at least one dog in the house. Then I brought another puppy to the house in Makati, their younger brother which the girls named Scaredy. I brought back Shiver and Scaredy together to the farm.

Well, not really in the farm but at Danny's house in the barangay proper, somewhere lowland than the farm. When I arrive from Manila, these three dogs plus another dog which is also their sister but stayed at Danny's house as a puppy, they go wild, barking loudly and happily. Such very loyal and friendly creatures.

When it's time to go to the farm, the three dogs would quickly hop onto Danny's tricycle, they enjoy the ride going to the farm.

Then there are two other dogs that are "stay in" at the farm, they guard the place 24/7, they are "wild dogs" there who are tame only to Danny and Nong Endring because they feed the dogs daily. Sometimes they allow me to pat them very lightly.

Upon arriving at the farm, I give the three dogs a bath at the creek. I'm the only one who can give them a bath.

The farm is a bit wide so there are some wild animals like small or arm-size snakes. These crawlers are scared of dogs, so it is safe to walk along tall grasses or trees with plenty of vines or fallen dried leaves on the ground, the dogs clear the road for me and our caretakers.

I just love these very loyal pets.

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Hoping for mango harvest this year

It has been about five years of almost zero mango harvest in the farm because of that "kurikong manga" problem. All those five years, the guys (different groups) who sprayed the mango trees lost money.

About late-December 2016, another group came to spray several mango trees for flower induction, the flowers came out, became very small fruits, then the insects came again. The guys tried to save the young fruits but after several attempts killing the invisible insects, they gave up. Another investment lost.

Last end-January, they sprayed the other trees, so far the result looks good, see the healthy mango flowers that came out.


They notice that the kurikong manga thrive during the cold season. Since this is already March and the weather becomes warmer, they hope that the insects will fade. I am hoping too.


Ripe mangos are expensive now, retail price at least P80/kilo for the smaller ones, the bigger fruits are priced at P100 to P150/kilo. Danny and Nong Endring are manually clearing the surroundings of mango trees to prevent the annual grass fires -- should they occur near the farm -- from reaching the mango area.


Again, I do not own this farm, I only help manage it, part time like once a month visit. I like walking in the farm, wide space, accompanied by our 5 dogs (2 stay-in at the treehouse area, 3 at Danny's house).