Monday, June 11, 2012

Trees in the Farm, Pangasinan

We started planting in the farm sometime in 1992, wow that was 20 years ago. Then we stopped planting after about six or seven years, I think. The older trees have been spreading their seeds that the young trees, tens of thousands of them, have grown like grasses. We have to pull or cut them out, otherwise our area would become so dark with so many trees, inviting plenty of mosquitoes and other pests.

Below, the trees near my treehouse, sometime in early 2009. These are mostly mahogany trees.

Trees as of December 2010, just a few meters from my treehouse.

As of February 2011. These are near our irrigation canal and water impounding structure.

Also as of February 2011. The road going to the public (no longer forested) land.

As of April 2011. In the above photos, taken from my old camera phone. Lower photos below taken from our digicam.

More photos from the digicam, also in April 2011.

Below, as of April 2012.