Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cemented Barangay Road, Near the Farm

Good news here. The barangay road going to the solid waste dumpsite/MRF (materials recovery facility) of Bugallon town in Pangasinan is slowly being cemented. This is the same road going to the farm, with a short diversion. I took these photos last Sunday, November 23, 2014. This portion is going up.

A lazy road on Sunday, free roaming chicken eating anything on the pavement. Cemented barangay roads are also used by farmers to dry their palay/rice harvest.

A small basketball court on the new road.

This part coming from Atty. Guiang's old resort area, going to a creek...

This footbridge for people and motorcycles with no sidecar will soon be removed, to be replaced by a bridge that can accommodate even huge, 10-wheeler trucks.

Another view of the creek and the footbridge. Construction  of the new bridge is said to start by January next year.  For now and in previous years, vehicles and tricycles cross this creek. When there is heavy rain  and flash flood, no vehicle can pass this creek.

Soon, even cars can enter the farm.