Monday, March 02, 2015

Fields of Gold, Harvested

Two photos of the ricefield in front of my treehouse, last February 14, 2015. Fields of gold, mature rice to be harvested about 2-3 days after. My treehouse is surrounded by tall mahogany trees, except the front area facing the rice field.

Farm caretaker Nong Endring Paragas plants rice here twice a year, the dry months (March-May), the land  is on fallow, rest. Our friend Charlie Espinosa, a local farmer, helps Nong endring till this land.

The mature rice as seen  from the 2nd floor of my treehouse.

I went back to the farm last weekend. The harvested area. Nong Endring used to have cows before, the rice straw would be consumed by the cows. He sold all his cows a few years ago as  he was getting  older. The rice straw was burned.

Young rice plants as of late November 2014. Above photo facing the treehouse, lower photo taken from the 2nd floor of the treehouse.

The irrigation canal that brings water  to  the  ricefield. Also taken last November.

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