Monday, February 11, 2013

Trees in the Farm, Part 3

I went back to the farm yesterday, more photos here. These are mahogany trees near my treehouse, where a real estate agent was salivating to cut all the big trees only last month. In another blog post.

We planted these trees in this area sometime in 1993-94 I think, so they are about 20 years old now. Although we started planting in 1992, just a few hundreds of seedlings.

It's a hilly area so soil quality is not really good as topsoil can easily get eroded during heavy rains. But the trees have managed to thrive

We planted at an average distance of 2-3 meters apart.

This is the boundary with another private farm, owned by Mario.

Mixture of some mango trees, coconut trees, and forest trees (mostly mahogany and acacia auri).


Going up my treehouse where a high concentration of relatively big trees are standing.

More views of the bigger trees.

These trees below are not big enough, we planted them only about eight years ago. They are along the irrigation canal we constructed that will bring water across the creek on to the other side, a relatively flat land where Nong Endring has a rice field.

The soil here is generally rocky as this is near the creek where during heavy flash flood, top soil are also carried away by the rampaging water. Litter fall from dried leaves of these trees later on become organic top soil, that help provide nutrients to these growing trees.

This is the irrigation canal. Trees on both sides of the canal. It is currently dry as the water inlet area has been blocked by big volume of sand and rocks during the last heavy flash flood. Nong Endring did not repair it yet as he did not plant the rice field on the other side of the creek.

Planting distance here was rather close, only about 1.5 meters from each other. The smaller and thinner young trees we will soon remove to allow the bigger trees to have more space (sunlight, soil nutrients) to grow faster.

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