Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Vietnam Agriculture, Dr. Samran's Photos

Below are photos from Dr. Samran Sombatpanit's facebook wall. He went to Vietnam in December  2012. Fantastic rice terraces. In Sapa, northern Vietnam, near the border with China.

One of the 54 different ethnic groups in Vietnam

Ricefields on both sides of a river.

Floating market on Mekong Delta, near Can Tho City
Lots of farm produce in a Vietnamese market.
Thank you, Doc Samran, for those wonderful photos.

Wonderful Crops of Thailand

A good friend, Dr. Samran Sombatpanit, Past President of the World Association for Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC), has a wonderful facebook wall. He posts photos of some great crops of Thailand as well as from other countries. I met Doc Samran in late May 2008, he hosted me and my family in Bangkok and toured us in some wonderful places north of Bangkok.

This papaya is in a farm in Thailand, but the seeds were from China. Low lying fruits and vegetables are not only easy to harvest, but are also less prone to fall down during storms or strong wind.The farm should be enclosed with fence though, as thieves will be tempted to pick these fruits anytime.

Below are other crops from Doc Samran's facebook wall. Or from his friends' photos in facebook.

Another variety of papaya.
Efficient corporate farming. Notice the absence of weeds and the drip irrigation technology.
Giant jackfruit or "langka", should be between 15-20 kilos.

Wonderful edible mushrooms