Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Hoping for mango harvest this year

It has been about five years of almost zero mango harvest in the farm because of that "kurikong manga" problem. All those five years, the guys (different groups) who sprayed the mango trees lost money.

About late-December 2016, another group came to spray several mango trees for flower induction, the flowers came out, became very small fruits, then the insects came again. The guys tried to save the young fruits but after several attempts killing the invisible insects, they gave up. Another investment lost.

Last end-January, they sprayed the other trees, so far the result looks good, see the healthy mango flowers that came out.


They notice that the kurikong manga thrive during the cold season. Since this is already March and the weather becomes warmer, they hope that the insects will fade. I am hoping too.


Ripe mangos are expensive now, retail price at least P80/kilo for the smaller ones, the bigger fruits are priced at P100 to P150/kilo. Danny and Nong Endring are manually clearing the surroundings of mango trees to prevent the annual grass fires -- should they occur near the farm -- from reaching the mango area.


Again, I do not own this farm, I only help manage it, part time like once a month visit. I like walking in the farm, wide space, accompanied by our 5 dogs (2 stay-in at the treehouse area, 3 at Danny's house).

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