Wednesday, March 08, 2017

My treehouse is 13 years old

My current treehouse was built March 2004 or 13 years ago. It undergoes repairs from time to time because the live mahogany tree where it is perched is growing bigger and taller. Back view of the house.

Photos taken last weekend, March 04.


Photos of the treehouse below were taken some 2-5 months ago. View from the creek....

View from the other side.

Original treehouse, very basic, was built in September 2002. I liked the experience of sleeping in the treehouse, I dismantled the old, smaller house and built the bigger, 2-storey house. With our caretakers and extra workers. Famous artist Clifford Espinosa helped me design the house, though not all specifications were followed due to limited funds.

Rice field in front of the treehouse.

The rice field seen from the 2nd floor of the house.


The scenes change depending on the season of the year -- planting, growing, harvesting, on fallow, etc.

The trees to the left and right sides of the treehouse. Photos taken last weekend, March 04.


Further at the back of the treehouse. Lots of small and medium-size mahogany trees.

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