Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Stone Terraces, Part 9

I went to the farm last Sunday. Here's the erosion control structure that we built early last month.

Last two weeks, some strong flash flood came and washed away, destroyed it. Nonetheless, nearly one foot of mud and eroded soil was trapped and controlled by the structure at the back.

I repaired it as Danny and Nong Endring were doing something else. The new structure. This time, more stones were put in the middle of a two-feet thick structure. It was cloudy when I took this photo.

This stone barrier was able to withstand the last flash flood. Lots of stones on the base, also deposited organic matter at the back.

The "long wall", left side.

Also three layers so far. Controlling topsoil erosion.

Even a deluge, Ondoy type of flooding will not be able to destroy this structure. Lots of big stones beneath, plus organic matter which have become soil already. Water from the flash flood will only pass at the top. The three layers slow down the flow and force of rampaging water. A big portion of the flash flood is actually trapped at the back, slowly sinks in after the rains have stopped.

This depression will soon become flat. The trees in this area grow faster. They have lots of organic fertilizers there.

Among the original stone terraces near the treehouse. Built in 2005 and still existing until now.

Stone stairs.

Our modest contribution at reducing soil erosion and flash flood.

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Our Dog Gives Her Milk to Kittens

We see photos of dogs and cat playing or sleeping together, not fighting as often stereotyped. Well, one of our dogs in the caretaker's house whose puppies we separated from her to be the new guard dogs in the farm, would allow kittens to get milk from her.

Her name is "Jenny white" or Elle Marie would call her as "Requel" when the dog was still young. J.white has another sibling, also a female dog, black, we called her "Jenny black", who was guarding the farm. Jenny black died of a particular disease several months ago.

Danny, our part time caretaker, got two kittens, newly separated from their mother and are still sucking milk. Jenny white would give them her milk.

The two puppies stayed in our house in Makati for about two months. Their mother, Jenny, was a hunter dog in the farm.  When she was alive, she would hunt and catch different birds, monitor lizards ("bayawak"), wild turtles in the creek, small snakes.

The two puppies were getting noisy in our house, I brought them to the farm. Danny got the white, Nong Endring got the black.

When the puppies were just about 5-6 weeks old, I brought them from the farm to our house in Makati. Elle  Marie was very happy with her new puppies. Photos taken May 02, 2013. 

Until now, Elle would ask me to give her new puppies. I am hesitant because we did not have any house helper for the past nine months. There's a new helper but may not stay long too.

I explain to Elle that the puppies might get dirty and the house will also get dirty, if there is no one to clean them regularly.

Anyway, Jenny white is a kind and gentle pet to share her milk even to cats.