Monday, February 08, 2016

Creekside stone barriers

This area used to be the old road going up to other parts of the farm in Bugallon, Pangasinan. The series of huge flash floods, strong typhoons in recent years have altered the terrain of this road and the creek near it. Nong Endring hopes to convert this into an expanded rice field. All photos below taken last January 24, 2016.

We gathered dried leaves and branches and used them as filling materials. When the regular rice planting season starts this coming June, rice can be planted in this area.

A big and strong termite mound was demolished and flattened. The flattened soil can be used later as additional filling materials.

These are the stone barriers we erected. The creek on the left side, about 7-10 meters away, and the new or future rice field on the right. When flash floods come -- they occur several times a year -- the stones will help protect the new ricefield from strong current and deposits of different things.

Opposite view, creekside on the right, future ricefield on the left. This is not high or strong enough of course, this needs further reinforcement. Meaning more stones, but the initial barrier is already there.

The creek where we got the stones. There is also a need to deepen this by removing the bigger and medium size stones, so that water level will become lower during the rainy season.

When I go back there, we will add more stones to the barriers. Make them higher and stronger.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

My treehouse is 12 years old

My treehouse is now 12 years old. Time flies.
It was well-built, hugging a big and live mahogany tree, so it has survived some  of the strongest typhoons that passed by the area.

I took this photo last January 24, 2016.

Succeeding photos were taken last December 2015.
The 2nd floor. During the rainy season, this trunk of mahogany tree produces lots of new branches and leaves, yes, in the middle of the house.

No bed, yes. No one sleeps there, our caretaker goes home in the afternoon after feeding our dogs who watch the area 24/7. When I was still unmarried, I would go and sleep here every 2-3 weeks.

This part of the roof needs repair every year, or every 2 years at least. Why, because the trunk goes taller and bigger.

Part of the stair handle, gobbled by a branch.

 Opposite side, same spot.

A brace of the roof, the base has been swallowed by the trunk.

A pillar of the 2nd floor, photo taken from the 1st floor. This pillar is about 3 x 8 inches and it is slowly swallowed by the trunk.

Nong Endring sitting near the toilet.

Braces for the 1st floor, photo taken from the base. Their base also swallowed by the trunk.

Two more braces.

View from the 2nd floor.

Thank you treehouse, for the gift of shelter and shade. I still feel relaxed and rejuvenated whenever I visit you. And thank you, Mr. Mahogany, for hosting my treehouse all these years.

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