Monday, January 18, 2010

The rains of January

Since January 1 this year, the sky above Metro Manila and surrounding provinces has been generally covered by clouds, for 18 days straight now. Last night there was a light shower, this afternoon it rained. The probability that the Sun is not covered by thick clouds the past few days is only about 15 percent. I was also informed by my sister in our province in Neg. Occ. (1 hour by plane south of Manila), that it's been raining there almost daily. These things are unusual.

Wet or rainy season in our part of the tropics is from June to around mid-October. From mid-October to Feb is "dry and cold", from March to May is dry and hot".

It was also unusual in 2009. Prolonged "cold front" from December 2008 until mid-April, with scattered rains in some parts of the country. Then the rainy season started in mid-April. Two typhoons each in April and May, supposedly the 2 hottest months of the year.

I'm observing these things because I'm testing my own simple hypothesis, with no formal tests, just layman observation -- that the "frigid parade" from the Arctic or north pole is marching south, down to the equator.

Meanwhile, two new papers were uploaded in our website re warming scam:

1. "On warming hysteria" by Al Protacio, 6 pages,

2. "Climate alarmism and Copenhagen" by Nonoy Oplas, 22 pages,

Al Protacio is a Filipino geophysicist in a geothermal plant in UK.