Thursday, February 26, 2009

My treehouse in the farm

Whenever I go to our farm on the western side of Pangasinan province, resting in my treehouse is always a relaxing moment. Fresh air. very quiet, except when our 6 dogs would start barking together whenever they notice other people passing by, or at night, when a big branch of a tree falls down.

My treehouse is 2-storeys, all wood, slatted bamboo floor, cogon roof, no walls except the toilet, and is perched on a live and big mahogany tree. The tree is growing every year, and my treehouse is rising by about 1.5 inch a year on the 2nd floor, and about 3-4 inches a year on the roof. So, since it was built in early 2004, it's now 5 years old, and the roof trusses (?) are heavily misaligned. We have to repair the roof every 3 years or so.

The pictures here were taken sometime in late 2005.

(1) my treehouse from a distance. The trees that surround it are now much bigger.

(2) the stone terraces beside my treehouse. Now those terraces have been altered as move soil deposit have been added.

(3) my swimming pool then from a creek, we put huge rocks to impound the water. Since it's on a water path, and the creek becomes a wild river during the rainy and typhoon season, it's gone now. My dog here is a white labrador, his name was Michael. Michael disappeared abou 3 years ago. We didn't chain him, he was free to move around anytime and anywhere. Maybe he was stolen.

More pictures later of my current treehouse.