Friday, June 10, 2011

My swimming pool in the farm, 2005

Sometime in 2005, I created -- with the help of our farm caretakers of course -- an artifical swimming pool in a creek in the farm, not far from my treehouse. A free flowing water in the creek, we put up a thick layer of stones and sand at the end to impound the water. Really nice to swim on it.

Top view of the pool, the rice field on the left. It was a very labor-intensive project with full knowledge that it was just temporary because when the rainy season would come, the flash flood will simply wipe out all the fruits of our labor. But it was worth doing it.

I brought several friends from Manila, some from abroad, to my pool. They liked it. Cool, free flowing water, some native fishes swimming on it too. I think the deepest part was about 5 feet. The pool attracted me to go to the farm from Manila almost every weekend then.

The tail or area where the water drains back to the regular flow of the creek. Several layers of stones and gravel made the water then drinkable. Nice natural filters.

Three of our workers then, two were regular, including my uncle from Negros Occidental who tried working there for a few months just to see northern Luzon :-), one was occasional or per day worker.

With one of our dogs then, Michael, a retriever.

My girlfriend then, now my wife, Ella, and my dog, Michael, he was given to my by my sister because Michael did not like being tied up in a chain. At the farm, Michael then has all the freedom to run around anywhere, no chain or rope.

Been there done that somehow, I don't intend to create another pool in the creek though. Having it once and fully enjoyed it was enough.