Sunday, January 31, 2016

Alexa ranking

I have eight blogs, four in and another four in Five of them have global ranks in There are perhaps hundreds of millions of blogs and websites worldwide, both in English and in other languages, many of these don't have any global rank.

(1) this blog is about agro-forest farming.
(2) is my main economics and political blog.
(3) is about trade and investments in Asia, related topics.
(4) is about travel and tourism plus my notes about my two girls.
(5) is about conferences of the Economic Freedom Network (EFN) Asia.

My three other blogs which have no global rank in yet are the following:

(6), about energy and electricity issues in the Philippines and other Asian economies, plus some postings on energy policies in Europe and the US.
(7), about intellectual property (IP) issues in Asia, other countries outside the continent.
(8), some rotary notes about our club and RI District 3830.

Thank you, readers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Terraces at mahogany area, Part 2

These photos were taken last October 31, 2015. I only manage to upload and write about them today. This is the area between the mahogany trees and the rice field. Before the clearing...

And about 2 hours after. These 2 young boys helped us. They move and work fast. They are happy to work for about 4-5 hours with snacks and lunch, and a fee.

The uprooted and cut grasses, vines, leaves are deposited as filling materials at the back of the stone terraces.

Another round of clearing last December 19, 2015. The decomposed organic matter at the back of the stone terraces easily shrink in size.

Not far from this area is a stock of wood not good for lumber, to be used for charcoal making.

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Creek and ricefield, Part 2

After typhoon Koppu (local name "Lando") fell down so many trees and caused heavy flash flooding in October 2015, the irrigation canal going to Nong Endring's rice field was covered by a thick layer of mud and sand. So Nong Endring painstakingly and patiently cleared all those things that blocked the canal.

These photos taken December 19, 2015.

It's back to irrigating the rice field. Nong Endring standing with our dog from Makati, Shiver. Shiver is now staying at Danny's house in the barrio near the farm.

An improvised water impounding system -- cogon, covered by sack with sand, covered by a layer of stones and sand.

The water enters here, with improvised barrier so that dried leaves from the creek won't enter the irrigation canal and contribute to silt and mud.

Many of these young trees beside the canal just grew on their own, never planted by us.

Nong Endring has expanded the rice field as more water can now enter the field.

Further down, a small natural pond, about 2 1/2 feet deepest part. This is where I submerge and relax my body for a few minutes before going back to Manila.

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