Saturday, August 03, 2013

Rice Terraces, Cool Crops, from Agrarian World

The facebook group Agrarian World contains lots of beautiful photos on farming and agriculture. They are inspiring for those with soft heart on farming.

I think this is the Battad rice terraces in Banaue, northern Philippines. I have visited that place once, sometime in 2002 or 2003, really nice and cool. They put huge rocks, sometimes as high as 8 feet, to stabilize a plot.

The rocks and terraces were built more than a thousand years ago, they are still holding, except in some portions that were moved by past earthquakes.

More rice terraces, and the rice transplanting process. These possibly three-weeks old rice are uprooted, to be replanted well-spaced in many rice fields.

Another cool photos of rice farms.

Hydroponics tomatoes and cabbage. One big advantage of hydroponics farming is that the crops are almost always organic. Pests, fungi and many bacteria live on soil. If there is no soil in farming, only water mixed with specific fertilizers needed most by particular crops, then then are no pests to attack the crops, they can grow fast.

Bountiful harvest.

Really cool vegetable "river shop". This should be either in Vietnam or in Thailand. These two countries are really agri powerhouses. With big and contiguous landmass, tropical climate, along the belt of the huge and long Mekong River plus other river system, and far from the path of storms coming from Pacific Ocean, agriculture is well suited in these two countries.

The same can be said for Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar but they have rather poor governance problems.

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