Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Treehouse, August 2013

Hmmm, I forgot to take the latest photo of my treehouse but nonetheless, about the same look as four months ago,

We built it around March 2004 or 2005, so around 8-9 years old already, additional repairs are needed. Especially that it is perched on a big and live mahogany tree, so as the tree grows bigger and taller, the house is disjointed somehow.

See here, new skin or tree growth is slowly "swallowing" the horizontal support wood holding the second floor of the house. This wood is 3 x 6 inches and this part will soon be goobled up by the mahogany tree's new skin.

The other horizontal support wood on the other side.

Flooring of the second floor. The slatted bamboo near the trunk have been broken by the rising tree. Notice the 2 x x inches wood on the left, almost totally swallowed by the new tree skin.

One diagonal post for the support beam of the roof has been swallowed already, at least its first 2-3 inches.

Those wood that the tree cannot "swallow", are pushed outwards.See the curved thrush (?) of the roof on the left. So the left side diagonal post is pushed further to the left, resulting in...

detachment or delinking of this post holding another roof thrush (?). This results in less stable roof against strong wind.

The tree can develop new leaves and branches inside the house, like this one, taken last year. A bit funny to see these new leaves inside the house.

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