Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stone Terraces, Part 6

I visited the farm last Friday, August 16. Here are photos of the new terraces that we rebuild two months ago. Danny Paragas, our second and part time caretaker, is responsible for adding new layers of stones here, which controlled the erosion of newly-added dried leaves and branches from pruned trees.

This side is controlling much older dried leaves and branches.

Meanwhile, the mini-dam near the creek. It is strong and is able to withstand strong flash flood in the past few years.


I posted this last June 24, 2013:

Two weeks ago, June 16, 2013, I went back to the farm. Just a few hours visit, we rebuilt an eroded terrace. Some big stones have been buried by the soil, Danny dug those stones with piko and bareta...

After about two hours, a new row of stones. They are stable, supported by smaller stones behind, so when the new round of top soil erosion as a result of heavy rains would come, the soil and dried leaves will be trapped by these stones. And another layer of stones will be added to trap more eroded soil, while flattening and beautifying this area.

Another view....

These terraces have been there for about seven years now, they have stabilized the soil there.

Further on the left side of my treehouse. Huge volume of organic materials (mostly dried leaves and branches) are brought down by the flash flood each time there are heavy rains. These stones have trapped some of those materials and soil.

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