Sunday, January 08, 2017

Terraces Beside Narra Trees, Part 3

Some old photos here as I failed to regularly update this blog.

July 2016. A portion was eroded by flash flood weeks earlier.

Gathered stones, built a 3-layer protection from further erosion, done.

At the back of those terraces are old, decomposing old leaves, branches, other organic materials.

We cleaned up and cut those small trees that regenerated on their own and are too close to each other. Piled them at the back of the stone terrace.

August 2016. It was raining when I visited one weekend that month. Good, I saw how water and eroded organic matter is trapped behind those stones.

This mild current can become huge, strong and violent during a flash flood.

September 2016. Not raining when I visited one weekend that month, but the temporarily-impounded water and organic matter are visible, nice.

A small, cute mini-water falls.

The water exits between those rocks, or seep under the soil and come out in trickles like spring water under the roots of this narra tree.

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