Monday, January 09, 2017

New and thick rock barrier

Last Saturday, I visited the farm and I planned to build a rock barrier on a depression that becomes a small stream during the rainy months. We have already built a water diversion during flash flood, see previous two postings. Strong water flow will be divided into two and hence, water force will be weaker.

This new structure will trap eroded soil, organic matter during flash flood. Photos before and after. Done with 3 men helping, we did it in about 3 hours.

Back view, before and after.

Top view, huge + medium-size rocks in the front, smaller rocks behind. About 3 1/2 ft high, 2+ ft width at the base.

Some of those huge rocks will need 2-3 men to push them up the barrier, cannot be lifted. Photo below, from left: Danny, Anoling, Nong Endring, the caretaker.

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