Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Terraces at mahogany area, Part 2

These photos were taken last October 31, 2015. I only manage to upload and write about them today. This is the area between the mahogany trees and the rice field. Before the clearing...

And about 2 hours after. These 2 young boys helped us. They move and work fast. They are happy to work for about 4-5 hours with snacks and lunch, and a fee.

The uprooted and cut grasses, vines, leaves are deposited as filling materials at the back of the stone terraces.

Another round of clearing last December 19, 2015. The decomposed organic matter at the back of the stone terraces easily shrink in size.

Not far from this area is a stock of wood not good for lumber, to be used for charcoal making.

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