Monday, May 11, 2015

Terraces Beside Narra Trees

Old and existing terraces are further stabilized and raised with new layers of organic matter, soil and stones added on them. On one side of the farm, here are a series of photos as of August 2014, mid-March 2015, and May 9, 2015, respectively.

Another angle. Photos as of mid-March 2015.

Cleaning up litter falls that will simply be washed out by flash flood. Before and after.

Behind the big stones are these organic matter and soil. Photos as of April 04 and May 9, 2015. .

The new top soil were organic matter and eroded topsoil that were trapped by this structure. Imagine the amount of top soil  that has been preserved, and flash flood that has been temporarily impounded, for a few hours. How thick or how high is the new soil that has been trapped at the base? Here  is one measurement, about 6-8 inches high, or about 3/4 of the shovel base, at around 1.5 meters distance from the big stones.

How it looked before the new topsoil was formed -- hard soil with lots of small stones on the surface.

A small group of blocking stones, as of April 04 and May 9, 2015, respectively.

The big stones were transferred in building the 2nd layer of terraces. Front view of big stones, as of April 04 and May 9, 2015, respectively.


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