Monday, February 11, 2013

Attempted Illegal Logging by Greedy RE Agents

We started planting trees in the farm since 1992. Initially a few hundred seedlings that year. Then several thousands per year in succeeding years, but limited to a few parts of the farm. 

The Millora family, headed by the patriarch, Atty. Vicente Millora, a former Acting Governor of Pangasinan, former Assemblyman, former National President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), is selling 70+ hectares of the nearly 100 hectares of mostly upland and mountainous land. One of the agents he got was a guy with initials AM.

He went to the farm in late December 2012 supposedly with interested buyers. They surveyed the areas to be sold, the area around the treehouse is not among those to be sold. But he suddenly changed plan and told our caretakers there that he will come back the next week to cut all the big trees near my treehouse. He even marked the trees to be cut immediately, after Christmas. Photos below.

He told our caretaker, Manong Endring, that he will get 4 big trees for his house in Binmaley. And that Nong Endring can get some of the big trees, but they only report a few trees to be cut to Atty. Millora so that they can make more money. Nong Endring is not corrupt. He has been there in the farm since the late 70s I think.

Upon further discussion with Dra. Judea Millora, the eldest in the family, it was decided that all dealings with AM and other persons involved in the aborted illegal logging would be terminated. The Barangay Captain of Brgy. Laguit Padilla has also been informed of such attempted illegal logging. He said that he can contact Bugallon Police to apprehend any person who will cut the trees with questionable if not unauthorized "letter" from Atty. Millora.

Mr. AM has  not visited the farm since early January. But about two weeks ago, another visitor referred to by a lawyer friend of Atty. Millora came to the farm again and inquired about the big trees.

I do not own that land in the farm, I do not even have any formal contract with the Millora family in managing the farm. It's all about trust as they consider me a family member, I have lived in their house in North Fairview for about five years I think in the early 90s. Besides, I like farming too, though more as a hobby and  harvest a few food crops, see big trees that we planted.

So I would really feel bad if those trees are simply cut by those greedy agents and their supposed "buyers" of the land.

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