Saturday, November 03, 2018

Hoping for another mango harvest

Nong Endring, the lone farm caretaker. Behind him are my treehouse, his harvested rice field, and a branch of mango flowers. 

Then a big mango tree, hoping that we can get a share and taste of the mango harvest sometime early next year. The past seven years until this year, straight no mango harvest in the farm because of 'kurikong manga' pest.

The rice field in front of my treehouse, Nong Endring suffered losses in the 1st cropping because of new rice pest, he and his partner harvested only 6 cavans. They hope to earn in the 2nd cropping.

Meanwhile the mango area really needs wide clearing of those tall and thick grasses.

The sprayer group will come back later this month to resume flower induction spraying, also clean the area.

Many years ago when Nong Endring was still stronger, he has 3-4 cows that regularly clear and eat the grasses. Now either the mango sprayers or occasional forest and grass fires that reach the farm would clear those tall grasses.

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