Saturday, April 16, 2016

Numbering the trees, part 2

April 9, 2016

Here are additional photos sent last week by Danny, in photo and the son of long time farm caretaker Nong Endring Paragas. This area is the gmelina part, far from my treehouse and are in the uplands already.

There is frequent stealing and unauthorized cutting of gmelina trees here, by charcoal makers and lumber sellers. Nong Endring is old enough to visit and watch this place regularly because of its distance plus the thick and tall cogons that get "cleaned" only if there is a big fire in the mountains. Danny helps but not everyday.

On the left, one of those gmelina trees that were cut by thieves, then grew to many new trunks. Danny numbered 5 of such trunks as they are at least 8 inches thick dbh. Middle and right, some of the big mahogany trees near the treehouse.

From the gmelina area, below is the burned area of the farm and further below it, not visible in the pictures, are the rich field, treehouse, and mahogany areas. Shows how far some of the gmelina area are and hence, difficult to monitor and guard, that's where many thieves come to cut and steal the trees.

April 16, 2016

More photos from Danny, courtesy of  my inaanak, Harjie Paragas. Thanks Harjie.

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