Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Clearing the Abandoned House

There was once a house on  one of the hills in the Millora Farm. It has been abandoned since the late 80s perhaps. The structure is still there but wild trees and vines have already colonized it. Our farm caretakers, Nong Endring and Danny are industrious enough to clear those invading vines and wild trees. Pictures taken last Sunday, February 15.

It is difficult to remove those thick and elaborate vines plus wild trees. A grasscutter borrowed from the barangay made the work of the two men easier.

I remember I and some friends from UP Sapul came here and we slept for one night in this house, sometime in 1983 or 84. Our good friend, Mil Millora, brought us there. Mill has passed away in a car accident in December 1986.

Two years ago, this is how the abandoned house looked. Before the clearing, the house could hardly be seen because of the thick layers of vines and  wild trees.

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