Monday, February 24, 2014

Stone Terraces, Part 6

Update on the mini-dam we built since about three or four years ago, on a depressed part of the farm (Bugallon, Pangasinan) where small water run off would pass during the rainy season. We blocked it with stones to (a) control soil and organic materials erosion carried by the rain water, and (b) depository or "land fill" for dried leaves, branches, other organic materials.

As of April 2011.

As of August 2013. Four layers of stone terraces.

Three weeks ago, there was selective logging in the farm. Among the mahogany trees cut were those near the mini dam. Partly damaged stone terraces when huge tree trunks and branches fell on them, plus the dried leaves and branches. As of February 23, 2014...

About six hours later, this is how the reconstructed mini dam looked. We built two walls yesterday. Front view.

 A wall is about 1 1/2 feet thick, all stones. At the back of each wall or layer of rocks are organic materials. Top view.

Side view.

A third layer or wall is prepared. Small stones as foundation for the bigger stones for the terrace. We shall finish this 3rd layer by next month.

Our caretakers, Danny (left most) and his father, Nong Endring Paragas (4th from left). Yesterday, I hired two extra laborers, Boknoy (2nd from left) and a son of Kagawad Mandy (right most). His two younger brothers joined briefly in gathering dried leaves as filling materials behind the rock wall.

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