Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sweden Seminar 3: Field Trips, 2003

Feeling nostalgic again of the Sustainable Agriculture seminar that I attended in Sweden nearly 11 years ago, posting these photos which I scanned a few weeks ago. In this photo, from left, standing: An (Vietnam), Orasa (Thailand), Emile (Burundi), Ani (Indonesia), Inger Ahman, seminar director (Sweden), Dorothy (Uganda), from Sri Lanka (forgot her name), Josie (also from the Philippines), Hugo (Venezuela), Nahid (Morocco), Gunasinghe (Sri Lanka). Also sitting was Jhansi (India).

Two friends and fellow participants from North Korea, 2nd and 5th from left. Choi and... forgot his name too. 2nd from right was Sokhan (Cambodia), and not facing the camera, Tony (Ghana).

These photos taken on our trip from Lund/Svalov (south Sweden) to Stockholm and Uppsala (central Sweden).

I think this is Marie Hardfors' (to my right) house. Marie was assisting Inger.

One of the beautiful gardens that we visited.

By the way, please disregard the date in the pictures. I don't know whose camera was used in these photos.

At our modest hotel in Lund, there is a bar with live band on certain days of the week.

This band was singing "Let's get drunk". their own original composition. The band leader was cool and friendly.


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