Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rainy September and int'l climate meetings

We're past 3 weeks of September now, and I think I counted only about 5 or 6 days that there was no rain this month. Lately it's hot in the morning, then very cloudy if not raining in the afternoon. The past 2 days and today, the sky was always cloudy. It rained for about 7 hours yesterday, stopped in late evening, and the rains are back this morning.

My friend from Hanoi said it was sunny there last week. Maybe the rain clouds in the Philippines came from evaporated water from Vietnam. :-)

The climate bureaucrats and "negotiators" from many countries, they should be enjoying the frequent travels and perks. Too many internatinoal climate meetings. They just finished their meeting in Bonn, Germany last month. This week, they met in UN, NY office. Next week, they will meet again in Bangkok. Next month or November, they will meet again in Spain. And in December, they will have a big meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The current deep solar minimum, the deepest in a century, can possibly result in a repeat of the Dalton Minimum global cooling that happened 2 centuries ago. Thus, instead of preparing for drought, we should prepare for lots of flooding. Those in the temperate regions, they should prepare for long winters, short summer -- it actually happened in the US and Canada this year, even in south america like argentina.

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