Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New stone terraces

The May 2008 super-typhoon caused landslides in many hilly areas. Among those damaged was the stone terraces in front of my treehouse. Hence, the need to remove the eroded soil and transfer it to other areas, then reconstruct the terraces.

The main advantage of using stone terraces is that it is easy to construct and re-construct them should the need arises. What is important is the supply of plentiful stones where the terraces will be constructed. In our case, the main source of the stones is the creek about 30 to 40 meters away.

The eroded soil also produce brown stones, small and big alike, that have been buried under the soil for many years.

Stone terraces serve 2 main purposes. (1) to minimize or control soil erosion, and (2) for beautification of the place. It may not be as neat as cemented structures as there are lots of rock protrusions, but overall, well-arranged stone terraces are neat and cool.

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