Friday, April 25, 2014

Sweden Seminar 1: Field Lectures, 2003

In September to October 2003, I attended a 7-weeks seminar, "Sustainable Agriculture in an Environmental Perspective" held in Lund, Sweden. We were about 23 participants from 17 or 18 countries, mainly from Asia and Africa. The seminar was funded by Sweden International Development Agency (SIDA) and implemented by Svalof Weibull AB (SW), a biotech research and consulting company. We stayed in a hotel in Lund, then a bus would pick us up every morning and bring us to SW complex for the lectures and some field visits.

I just scanned some hard copies of our photos there. I will upload them in this blog by batches. In this batch, some of our field visits in agri farms in southern Sweden. Btway, never mind the date in the photos, it says 1987. These photos were taken sometime in September or October 2003.

Kidding with one of two North Koreans in our batch. The Koreans, they were small and thin, but I think they were sharp mentally. They were Party members of course.

These huge rolls of dried wheat straw are mixed with some chemicals and are given as cattle feeds during winter, where the grasses are covered by ice, cattle can't eat grass, and it's too cold outside. These wheat straw become their main food inside the barn.

The cattles there, they grow very fast, something like they are gaining weight of around 1.5 kilo a day.

Our program facilitators were Inger Ahman (standing, right most) and Marie Hardfors (
sitting, left most and not facing the camera).

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